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Uplift language school is a purpose-built organisation within the Faculty of Arts, Palacky University in Olomouc, and was established in order to provide government departments, businesses, non-profit organisations, high school students and the general public with the highest-quality language education, which UPlift is uniquely equipped to provide thanks to its access to the Faculty of Arts´ staff and expertise.

Apart from commonly offered languages like English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian, we also offer more exotic languages such as Portuguese, Swedish, Ukrainian, Dutch, Croatian, Japanese, Chinese and Greek, along with Vietnamese, Indonesian and Hebrew amongst others.

We also organise courses and seminars focused on developing communication and soft skills, and provide expert consultation services as well as translation and interpreting services.

At Uplift we utilize traditional teaching methods side by side with alternative methods, such as simulation and situational techniques, active reading, discussion, didactic games, role-plays, and last but not least e-learning resources. While our teaching is designed to develop all language skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing), the greatest emphasis is placed on the ability to communicate, and so we teach our our clients first and foremost to speak and understand their selected language. In addition, we endeavour to educate our students about how to take advantage of the wide range of resources available to language students nowadays; in short, we also teach students to develop their language skills independently.

As a university language school we pride ourselves on our first-rate facilities and our highly experienced, professional team. All our instructors possess specialised education in their fields, along with excellent communication and academic skills. They also benefit from ongoing vocational training provided by the university´s extensive academic resources.

Uplift is situated in pleasant, newly equipped classrooms in the centre of town at 26 třída Svobody, Olomouc.


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